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Series:Tools for Better Business Writing

Need to brush up on your writing skills? Check out these one-day writing classes from Metro. Buy Two Get One Free: Register for all three classes for only $390 and build a valuable writing skill set for either personal or professional use.

Punctuation & Proofreading
Regular Price $195
Plural or possessive? Capital or lowercase? Comma or semicolon? Learn about punctuation, common spelling mistakes in business writing and more with practical exercises and interesting examples that will help you produce clear, polished text.

Grammar Essentials
Regular Price $195
Explore the clear writing techniques and essential grammar skills that effective business writers use. Gain confidence in a friendly classroom environment as you learn about active voice, nouns, verbs, misplaced modifiers and much more. This session will help you write sentences that make sense, and identify and eliminate the junk words that bury your message.

Effective Written Communication
Regular Price $195
Do you struggle to shape email, letters and web text that produce the business results you want? In this session, you’ll first learn how to focus your business writing by identifying your audience, purpose and format. We’ll then discuss how to use organization, structure and tone to create a more cohesive written product.


Key Details

Tuition:  $390.00

Schedule Information

Class Name (Course #/Class ID) Location Start Date Class Schedule
Effective Written Communication (43000115 /49014) Avonmore School 02/26/2018 Weekly - Mon 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM; starting 2/26/2018, ending 2/26/2018
Grammar Essentials (43000116 /49013) Avonmore School 02/20/2018 Weekly - Tue 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM; starting 2/20/2018, ending 2/20/2018